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Cotton Gin Port

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John Steele Davis - Unique Twisted Wood, Handcrafted Furniture

Photo by J'Lynn HowellMississippi is home...

Mississippi is myth, magic, mystery

There are so many crossings, so many crossroads, in Mississippi. 
A place of extraordinary natural beauty; a place of treasures, riches, and art beyond imagination, a place rich in history, tradition, and bright promise for tomorrow.
Photo by J'Lynn Howell - (c) 2004

My lifelong dream has been to research, document, and write about my home and the wonderful people who inhabit this place and breathe life and spirit into it.
This is my home...


Cotton Gin Port

... abandoned port on the upper Tombigbee River, in Monroe County: Cotton Gin Port
a river crossing and gateway to settlement by Americans in 1815.

    Terry Thornton's Hill Country of Monroe County, Mississippi
- a publication of Hill Country H.O.G.S. Webpress, 2009 by William T. Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi.

This is some of the best historical writing about the Hill Country of Northeast Mississippi including Monroe and Itawamba Counties. H.O.G.S. stands for History, Observations, Genealogy, and Stories; and that is the philosophy I appreciate for exploring the history of any place. History is nothing without the stories, the observations, and the experiences of the people who lived it or grew up with it.
Must view - the videos! My favorite is the Ironwood Bluff Bridge, although the video of downtown Amory tugs at my heartstrings, too.


The Magnolias, Aberdeen, Mississippi

... beautiful antebellum mansion located on Main Street, in Aberdeen, Mississippi.
Pilgrimage jewel. The Magnolias


John Steele Davis

... unique handcrafted furniture created from the natural beauty of North Mississippi hardwood forests. John Steele Davis - craftsman



Mississippi - Believe it!

... a Web site for those of us who are from Mississippi, who might have been away a long time, or who have only heard negative things about Mississippi. 
Dedicated to sharing little known facts about this great state and the people who make it great.  It is a combination of a beautiful, deeply mystical, natural place with the whole spectrum of people - Mississippi is home, birthplace, cradle, and crucible for some of the greatest, most creative minds, and some of the most closed minds, of history.  Visit here and learn some things you never would have believed about Mississippi -



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